Secund love?

Its something about you boy thats make me wants some more ;D

You've got my mind spinning like crazy
I'm in a dirty mood and I can't change it
Let's take a chance we wont break it
Hey now you have got me feeling
Crazy in love I can't believe it
Is this real or am I dreaming

Don´t let me drop this feeling I´ve got <3
I can handel you just fine
Don´t leave me Honey!
Im really in love now and it feels great dont let go of this feeling!
My lips are made for yours baby just accept it ;D
Feel the love I give you and live with it

Its you, holding the key.
Kiss my lips
hold me and never let go!
you are the light in my life

In this its so second chance, it have never worked out
so just one chance and if you dont make just breake it..

But my love will allways stay with you <3
Your like a drug I can´t live without =)
Hold on this is for real baby

All I actually can say is,

Take it or Leave it!


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